What Is Steam-Punk’d?

Steam-Punk’d Cold Brew Coffee incorporates old work charm with today’s best practices. The result? The very best roasted flavour profiles and aromas from some of the finest Mountain Grown Arabica coffee beans in Central and South America. We manufacture our coffee using a special steam process using the best possible ultra-filtered cold water steeped for no less than 24 hours to allow the coffee to slowly release the essential flavours, naturally sweet sugars, oils and all the rich coffee aroma, without the harsh acids and bitter after-tastes. Naturally sweet, refreshing, rich bodied and full flavoured cold brew coffee, Steam-Punk’d approved!

Medium Roast

(Original Unsweetened)
Cold Brew

355ml (12oz) Bottle

Product Specs

Medium Roast

(Original Unsweetened)
Cold Brew

355ml (12oz) Can

Product Specs


Cold Brew

355ml (12oz) Can

Product Specs

Where To Buy?

Steam-Punk’d Cold Brew Coffee is conveniently found in single serve and multi pack options.

Available at fine grocery stores across Canada and the United States of America. Should you not find it in your local grocery store, please make inquiry with the store manager, ask him to carry it.

Private Label Inquiries
Fill in our Contact Us or call us direct.

Private Label

Our Capabilities

  • In-house large capacity computer controlled coffee roasting - custom blends & blend matching capability
  • In-house quality control & product development lab
  • Art department, sales & marketing, & consultation capability
  • Large capacity state-of-the-art bottling facility
  • Fully integrated QA/QC department
  • 12 MONTHS SHELF STABLE PRODUCTS – certified by third party health science certified shelf study & testing
  • Proprietary manufacturing process that ensures a highly sterility / aseptic and “food safe” environment “end-to-end” throughout the manufacturing process that culminates into a “12 month Shelf Stable” product without the need for acidification or added preservatives all while locking in and maintaining the great taste
  • Minimum 24 hour steep time with 100% NON-CONCENTRATED cold brew coffee made from ultra filtered purified pharmaceutical grade water

Formats Available

  • Glass: 8oz (237ml) 12oz (355ml), 16oz (474ml)
  • PET: 8oz (237ml), 10oz (296ml), 34oz (1 litre)
  • Aluminum can: 8oz (237ml) 12oz (355ml), 16oz (474ml)
  • Restaurant/Bar “on draft” kegs

Products Available

  • 100% Real Cold Brew Coffee (Non-Concentrated) - 24 hour+ steeping time
  • Multi-flavoured cold brew coffee blends
  • All Natural – no added colors or preservatives
  • Dark roast
  • Medium roast
  • Variable roasting profiles available

Contact Us

Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd.

200 Shields Court
Markham, Ontario
L3R 9T5

Phone: (905) 475-0422


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